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"You helped me change my life. Before seeing you, I was bounced between many counsellors who did not address the issues I was dealing with. You helped me identify the issues because you understood them and supported and motivated me to realize I can recover from my trauma. Your unwavering dedication and caring saved me".

"I wanted to email to thank you again for making time to see me, on a Sunday no less! And for always being so prepared and having a plan and goals for our sessions. Hearing that you came in early only reminded me of how good you are at your job. We are lucky to have met you (and doing very well!)".

"Tarik is a fantastic counsellor. He is very empathetic, and good at deciphering the hidden meaning behind what you say. He has useful tips for relaxation he can teach you. He very much helped me work through my issues. I would highly recommend him to anybody and would seek him out for any other issues I may have in the future".

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